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Ways To Protect Your Roof from Wind Damage

Ways To Protect Your Roof from Wind Damage


Your roof may get damaged due to wind or storm. It may result in the loss of granule, curling shingles, and damaging the soffit. If your roof does not have new code shingles, the roof can get damaged badly due to a storm. You should try your best to keep your roof secure from high-speed wind.

Your roof can get damaged if there is a place on the rooftop where the water is collected. This gets collected due to many reasons such as gutter leakage. The collected water can badly damage the roof of your house.

Here are some ways that can be used to protect your roof from wind damage:

1.  Use Protective Plywood

You can use asphalt shingles to protect your roof from wind damage. But the main issue is that these can get cracked easily due to the high pressure of the wind. So, you should place protective plywood on the roof as it is one of the cheapest methods for preventing damage to the roof. It is a material that does not split or crack easily. So, you do not have to worry about the issue of getting leaked.

You should replace the shingles of your roof whenever they get a little damaged. You do not have to remove the asphalt shingle for placing protective plywood on your roof. Plywood or similar material acts as a second layer that can be used for protecting your roof from wind damage. You should ensure that it is waterproof and is useful for your roof. Plywood is costly but it provides you with effective results. The plywood must be water-resistant.

2.  Use Roof Sheets

You can use roof sheets to protect your roof from the storm. It also helps you to provide protection against water. These sheets are specially designed to not let the water come into your house. You can install these sheets yourself or can consult an expert for this purpose. You should make sure that the roof sheets are installed properly. If not, and your roof gets damaged, you have the will to repair or replace your roof.

3.  Cut Nearby Trees

You should cut the nearby trees so that you can protect your roof from storms and rain. The trees may fall due to heavy storms. If there is any tree near your roof, it may fall on your roof due to the high pressure of the wind. The fruits and leaves hanging on the trees may fly off to your house due to the wind.

You should cut all the hanging branches to ensure the protection of your roof and house. It is very dangerous if any of the trees or branches of the tree fall on your roof or your house. It may also be dangerous for the lives of the house members. So, remove or trim the trees near your roof.

4.  Pay Attention to Metal Roofing

You should pay great attention to the metal roofing. It is because it is an important part of the roof sturdy. You should make the metal roofing secure so that it does not break or come out of the roof due to a storm. You can use screws and bolts for making the metal roofing strong and secure. You can also use concealed clips for this purpose. The storm-damaged roof is hazardous for your house and family. So, try your best to prevent the risk of getting a damaged roof. 

5.  Remove Outside Material

Before the storm, you should remove all the materials placed outside your house. So, you will not have to move everything in a hurry when the storm arrives. You can spend money to move these materials or you can do it yourself. There are some materials that are heavy and cannot be lifted by a single person. So, you need the help of another person for this purpose.

You should keep your front yard and backyard clean. It is suggested by professionals that you should not decorate your home before the arrival of the storm. It is because the storm can affect the decoration of your house as well as the roof. If you have painted your house before the storm, it can get damaged due to rain and wind. The newly-made roof also gets damaged due to the storm. You should try your best to protect the roof.

6.  Regular Roof Repair

You should repair your roof regularly. You should spend some money on the maintenance of your house as well as the roof. You can hire an inspection company to check the roof in detail. It checks if there is any hole in the roof which could result in leakage. If there is any hole, it is fixed by the professionals.

You should also get your gutter checked. If there is any problem, it must be resolved before the arrival of the storm. There may be the problem of blockage or the gutters get clogged due to any reason. So, these problems must be resolved immediately so that the roof could be protected from the storm and rain.

All the dust and debris should be removed from the gutters. You should also keep your roof clean. If there is a tree near your roof, you should clean all the fallen leaves from your roof. You should check for the repair and maintenance of your roof twice a month.

7.  Ventilation Of Roof

Ventilation of your roof helps you to keep your roof secure against the storm. The shingles of your roof do not fly away if there is a proper ventilation system installed. The shingles must be secured with screws. All the pieces of your roof must be secured so that they do not fly away and your roof does not get damaged. So, hire a professional for the ventilation of your roof.


You should protect your house and roof from the storm. The high pressure of wind can damage your roof if it is not installed properly. It can also get damaged if you do not follow the required and essential steps to keep the roof secure.