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Types of Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems

Types of Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems

Standing seam metal roofing was popular for agricultural and commercial buildings. But due to its large benefits, it's also used for residential purposes. This roofing is a sealed solution with no nails fastened in it. It has vertical legs with flat strips in between. You can have lots of benefits if you choose this roofing though it's a little costly but offers a greater value than others.

Top 10 Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Before knowing its types, you should have an idea about the benefits you are going to have.

Weather resistance

These roofs have great weather resistance. If you are living in tropical areas or areas where your house has to face storms, hail, and heavy snow often. Then this roof is the best solution for your house to deal with such climatic factors. Seam metal roofing has main two types the one is concealed roofing and the other is exposed one. Standing seam metal is a concealed metal roofing that means it’s a weather-tight roof.

Lifespan and durability

This metal is the most durable roof because of its design and nail-free installation. Hole-free sheets provide zero moisture to the sides and inner part that makes it safer. Its life span is two or three times more than the normal traditional roofs. If you have chosen good material there is the possibility that your roof will last for 60-70 years. It would not crack due to weather effects.

Fire resistance

The metal roofs have fire resistance that means they will not ignite or react with water to make them more explosive. In case of wildfire or sky lightening your house will be safe. You can also save the cost of insurance against natural disasters.

Several options

You are maybe color-conscious, don’t worry you can find this roofing in many colors and designs according to your home interior. If you are confused to pick a stylish roof for your house according to your needs then it's better to ask your contractor or an exterior designer.

It is recyclable

Being a responsible citizen, you should pick more eco-friendly products. Metal roofs are recyclable. It has 30-85% material that can be recycled.

Curb appeal

Metal roofing with its flawless sheets and amazing designs with a variety of colors add aesthetic beauty to your home's curb appeal.

Maintenance cost

This roof is easy to maintain as it has no extra nails and other supportive guards to install it. It has high resistance to ice, heat, and water that is why it has less chance of damage.

Home value

If you are planning to sell your house in near future or you want to maintain the high value of your house then you should install standing seam metal roofing. This roofing will add value by adding protection and safety.

Compatible with your house systems

If you are planning to use solar energy to create electricity and fill your energy needs and are looking for a rooftop that can withstand your solar panels. Standing seam metal roof will be the best choice even if you have planned to have an air ventilation system also. This roof is more compatible to sustain such a system.

Cost-saving solution

This metal roofing is a cost-saving solution as it tightens up against the weather and has no way for air to escape out of your house. So, your house will be an isolated system where there is no loss of energy nor any gain. This will help you to maintain the internal temperature without spending lots of energy. Another monetary benefit is its lifetime investment and needs a little to maintain.

Different Types of Standing Seam Metal Roof

Your contractor may suggest multiple options and you find it hard to choose the right one. It's important to know about the different profiles of standing seam metal roofs. So that you can make a better choice for your commercial roofing.

Mechanical lock profile

In this type, the vertical legs arrange together with the help of an electrical tool to seam them. These roofs are installed with the help of a mechanical clip. This type of roofing has 2 main types: the one is seaming at 180 degrees and the other is with 90 degrees. Installation of mechanical seaming takes a long time and tools but it provides you a tighter coverage and best suits in colder weather.

Snap lock profile

This type of lock is very easy to install as it does not require any tools to seam it. These panels are joined with the roof deck with the separate snap lock clip. They are designed especially for a slop that has a 3/12-inch margin. It is suitable for any environment. This seaming is cheaper than others as it requires no extra labor and workers to install it.

Batten panel profile

Batten panel standing profile is a design to mimic the older one in which roll-formed with traditional style but fixed tiles at one end where they seemed together. This type has two sharp edges that have perpendicular legs fixed together. If you want to have a traditional roofing style with snap or mechanical caps then this type of roofing will be suitable for you.

Nail or fastener flange profile

This type of roofing has both edges, one is called male and another one is called female also, both edges are joined together to form a seam. A nail flange roof is attached to the roof deck directly as it has a specific cutout that needs no clips. Because of its cheap and easy installation, it is a suitable option for residential roofs and small roofs.

Flush and soffit wall profile

This type has both edges male and female, these are flushed on a panel instead of a perpendicular leg. In this roofing, no clips are used and it is attached directly to the roof deck. Additional engineering and labor make it more expensive. Flush and soffit walls can be designed to make them more efficient against weather effects.

Standing seam ridge vent

We have discussed all the seaming types of metal roofing but the most important part is covering ridge vents of the roof. It is a difficult task as poor installation can cause you loss of material, energy, and time.

Lifespan Standing Seam Roof

If your standing seam roof comes with a guarantee that its paint will last for 30 years. It doesn’t mean that after 30 years your paint will fade out completely and you have to reinstall your roof. You have to maintain it. Many other factors are also responsible for damage to the roof like poor installation and picking the wrong profile for the seaming according to your roof requirement. Or the installation of a roof by the wrong person will increase the chance of damage.

If we talk about the screw-down metal sheet or panel the lifespan of this panel depends upon the type of paint you are using. Without any maintenance, you can spend 20 years with these panels and if you maintain them regularly you can have more than 20 years. The average life of a standing seam roof is 70 years keeping in mind its lifetime investment.

There are the following factors that can affect your roof lifespan. Let's have a look.

Proper and careful installation

If your painted roofing panels are handled carefully during installation and your paint finish is protected well then you can increase the life of your roofing. If your contractor has installed the panels in such a way that they have scratches on them. Then there is a big chance that your roof panel will be affected by the climatic changes. To have a safe installation it's better to hire a professional.

Weather conditions

Weather also affects every roof. So, you have to keep in mind that your roof will face wear and tear depending on the weather conditions at your place. and how often your roof will face storms and extreme climatic changes. If you are living in a colder area where your roof will face snow throughout the year there are chances that your roof panels will be weaker and will affect the life span of your roof. and if you are living in a hot area then there are also chances of contraction of your panels that will damage the roof. You should be prepared for all the factors that can change the lifespan of your roof. as you cannot control the weather conditions.

Annual maintenance

Standing seam roof after installation first, needs no specific major change but little change may be needed with time. So, to save your roof from big damage you should have a proper inspection to maintain the roof. This will increase the lifespan of your roof. It's better to get the assistance of a professional. Because a local technician cannot handle the problems regarding the roof. The other major reason to hire a company is they will offer you insurance for any loss.