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List Of Cheapest Roofing Material

List Of Cheapest Roofing Material

The roof is an extremely important part of every home and due to its significance, it demands a considerable investment as well. You might be running low on budget but when it comes to roofing the experts suggest that you should go for the best solution so your house can stay tall and face bad weather for a very long time. The more you’ll invest in roofing the better performance it’ll offer you in return. However, you can try to cut down the overall expense and bring it into an acceptable range. Before you can find the cheapest roofing material you have to analyze the local conditions. Because the weather plays a vital role in the selection of the roof type. Below you can find a good comparison of these materials to pick the cheaper but the best roofing material.  

Cheapest Type Of Roofing Material

Your quest to find the cheapest roofing material will lead you straight to the asphalt shingles. The asphalt is a petrochemical extract and it can cost you about $1 per square foot and for a single-story house, you can get it done for under $2000. Shingles are quite popular these days in the market due to their lower cost and there are two main variants to pick from. One is known as organic shingles and the other is non-organic shingles. The organic shingles are relatively expensive as compared to the non-organic solution and they are made of fiberglass. The best part of picking shingles as your roofing solution is that it comes in a variety of colors. However, there are limitations to its use, and it's vulnerable to wind and ice. So, be careful while picking.

Another possible economical roofing solution is the metal one and it can cost you from $1.8 - $6 per square foot. The price greatly depends on the types of architectural panels used. The idea of a metal roof isn’t something new and they were equally used as an effective roofing solution decades ago. The metal roof was considered an extremely expensive solution at that time because it was made from copper. Now, thanks to technology the price has considerably reduced and galvanized steel can be used as an effective solution. Metal roofs are very durable and can withstand any kind of weather without taking any damage. Although there’s the matter of noise, it can be effectively taken care of by installing soundproofing.

Now that you have acquainted with the metal roof, it’s about time you met the other competitors in the market. A metal roof is an old roofing method, but a wooden roof is ancient. The shingles made from wood are a solid roofing alternative. These shingles are made from red cedar and they provide extremely good resistance to insects. Another advantage of using these shingles is that they don’t decay fast. Wooden shingles is an expensive roofing solution and usually ranges from $70 - $100 per square foot for a standard house. The cost of a roof greatly depends on the size of the roof. The price is probably one of the most notable factors about this roof type.

The price of a roofing solution solely depends on preferences and if you are among environmentally friendly people, then it might cost you a fortune. That’s right because the next one in the lineup is the clay roofing and it can cost you from $150 - $400 per square foot. The clay tiles are resistant to decay, and insects can’t damage them. At the same time, they give a unique look to your house that is incomparable to anything else. The only drawback of this roofing solution is the cost, which is way higher than the initial roofing solutions.

Cheapest Flat Roofing Material

If you are about to pick a roofing material and live in an area that faces relatively hot weather, then a flat roof can be an ideal solution. Asphalt roofing is considered the cheapest roofing material for the flat roof and it comes in a variety of colors. The installation is quite easy, which means if you want to reduce the price even further, then you can try and install it yourself.

Cheapest Place To Get Roofing Material

It is quite difficult to pinpoint the cheapest place to buy roofing material. The reason for that is the market competition. You might have to hit the road and search online and do a comparison to find the place where you can buy relatively cheaper. However, remember that transportation can greatly affect the cost of the material. If you can buy roofing material locally which you think is expensive, then buying it cheaper from a distant place isn’t a smart move.

Cheapest Waterproof Roofing Material

Waterproofing is an extremely important feature of roofing and it defines the durability of roofing solutions. A roofing solution is considered good only if it can perform well under given local weather conditions. If your local weather is wet, then you should pick metal roofing because it can withstand any kind of rainstorm without taking any damage.

Cheapest Transparent Roofing Material

The transparent roof is an attractive roofing solution and it is commonly made up of polycarbonate or PVC sheets. These sheets can cost you from $3.5 – $5. For a better idea about the cost, it is highly recommended to talk to a local contractor because installation cost is a big variable.  

How To Figure the Cost Of Materials For Roofing?

Things have changed for the better as compared to the last few decades. Because now a lot of information can be found online. You can talk to different contractors and request quotes before you make up your mind. So, the best way to figure out the cost is by the market analysis and for that, you have to do the homework before getting in touch with contractors.

There are several roofing materials that can be picked to install on your home. For example, asphalt, metal, wooden, and clay. The prices of each kind of material differ from each other and the reason for that is the availability of material and installation of the roof. The asphalt is considered relatively cheaper, but every roofing solution has its limitations. That’s why talk to a local contractor that can help you pick the right solution.

5 Different Types of Roofing Materials

The roof is the most important part of a house. It covers the uppermost part of a house or a building. It protects the home from many problems like snow, rain, sunlight, wind, etc. while providing protection it also increases the value of your house. Moreover, roofs are very helpful in keeping the interior warm or cool, draining the water away. Some external layers are applied on the roof which is called roofing materials. Some of the roofing materials are:

1. Solar Tiles

Solar tiles are recommended for sunny roofs. A solar tile can generate up to 1 kilowatt of energy per 100 square feet. It is recommended that you buy solar tiles because these tiles are two in one. They can provide shelter as well as electricity.  It is because it converts solar energy to electrical energy. You will need many tiles to cover the whole roof which can be expensive.

2. Asphalt Shingles

These roofing materials are the most common. They are almost used by everyone because of their effect in all environmental conditions. Asphalt shingles are very lightweight so they should be handled with care. Asphalt shingles are a little complex to install. But if they are installed correctly, they can last for at least 22 years.

3. Metal Roof

Metal roof is available in tile and shakes or vertical panels. A metal roof can last for 60 years. The metal roof doesn’t get burnt and it doesn’t get damaged by high winds. It is so lightweight that it can be applied over an existing roof. The metal roof can be very noisy during the rain or can be dented by hail. The cost of a metal roof is between $5 and $12 per square foot.

4. Slate Roof

The slate roof is so beneficial that it can last more than 100 years. It doesn’t get burnt, is not affected by water and any mold or fungus. The slate roof is very effective in wet climates. Because of all the advantages, it is very expensive. Moreover, don’t use a slate roof if the area in which you are living faces hail. The slate is very heavy. if you step on them, you can break them.

5. Green Roof

The green roofs are the roofs that are covered by plants. They can be used to improve the quality of air around your house or building. Green roofs are helpful to decrease water runoff. They can be used to reduce the urban heat by insulting the homes. The green roofs can last about 40 years. Extra support is needed in green roofs such as soil, waterproofing, vapor barrier, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cheapest Roofing Material For A Roof Replacement?

For a roof replacement, the cheapest roofing material in the market is Asphalt. The cost of an asphalt shingle of one square foot is $1. It is the best roofing material if the homeowner is having a budget problem.

What Is The Cheapest Roofing Material For A Shed?

The cheapest roofing material which you can buy for a shed is MSR roll.  MSR roll is very easy to install and very little time is consumed during its installation. With the MSR roll, you can cover a large surface of the roof in very less time because all you need to do is roll and nail it. It can cost about $30 to $100 per square.

What Is The Cheapest Style Of Metal Roofing Material?

The style of metal roofing materials which is the cheapest is corrugated steel panel roofs. The corrugated steel panel is lightweight and very thin. They can be installed over existing roofing and by this, the cost of removing old roofing is saved.  The cost of these roofs is $1.20 to $5 per square.

What Is The Cheapest Roofing Material For A House?

From all the available materials. The cheapest roofing material for a house is Asphalt shingle. You can find these in organic and non-organic styles. The Asphalt shingles are available in several colors. The cost of the Asphalt shingles is $1 per square foot.

What Is The Cheapest Roofing Material That You Can Buy At A Home Improvement Store?

Asphalt shingles are the cheapest roofing material that we can find at a home improvement store. They are most popular and are cost-effective for homeowners working on a budget.  Asphalt shingles are very easy to install. The lightweight Asphalt shingles can last about 15 to 20 years and heavy Asphalt shingles can last 25 to 30 years.

What Is The Cheapest Roofing Material For A Barn?

The cheapest roofing material for a barn is Asphalt shingle. It can easily be installed. You can buy it at affordable prices.

Where To Find Cheapest Roofing Material?

The cheapest roofing material is Asphalt shingle and you can buy it from any nearby shop. You can also buy them online by searching on the internet.


There are different types of roofing materials available in the market. You should select the one according to your needs and requirements. You should also consider your budget in this concern.