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How To Market Your Roofing Company the Right Way

roofing marketing

When you are starting a roofing company, all the big questions are boiled down to one true thing – why would any homeowner hire you for roofing work?

Now, as much as it is about acquiring all the virtues and necessities to compete with other service providers, you need to show everyone how much your company is capable. This is where marketing comes, or digital marketing to be specific.

In order to stand apart from your competitors, a consistent but flexible strategy is needed. The good thing about it all is that you do not need an advanced degree in Marketing to get started and succeed.

So, here are some of the ways that can help your company in gaining substantial ground in the local arena of roofers’ reviews and ratings.

Website & Local SEO

From a simple but professional website to full-fledged lead generation tools, you need a virtual stronghold or home base to work from.

According to recent stats, there is a whopping surge in mobile phone users and the data-driven through search engines in the last decade.

A website can help both the bots and human users to get to know about your services. So, the website should be optimized for keywords and LSIs so that if anyone is looking for roofing solutions in your area, the search engines will lead them to your website.

Social Media

There are no boundaries to the reach and potential of social media in this day and age. So, when you are thinking about marketing your roofing company, it does not stop at typical business listings sites, such as Angi.com or Yelp.

Social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. where you can make a profile of your business and then engage with the users. Using proper tagging and regular fresh content, you can create a solid fanbase on social media. This has two impacts;

  • In the short run, people will engage and look at your content as an authentic authority.
  • In the long run, they will turn to your company to satisfy their roofing needs.

So, add your roofing company to a number of platforms that you can manage regularly and you will be able to generate leads soon.

Qualified Roofers

Despite all the shiny things you say about your company online, it should meet the expectations of the clients on the ground to sustain a loyal customer base. So, your employees’ behavior is important.

In a sense, they are brand ambassadors of your company so they need to be well-versed in their trade with necessary certifications and licenses. Also, go out of your way to train them in the nuances of customer dealing so that they can answer any question that a client asks them.

When it comes to marketing a roofing company, it is a little bit of science and a little bit of art. You need to strategize and be patient with the results. In the real world, you need to be exceptional to succeed in the virtual world!